george adamopoulos

George usually spends his day juggling with networks, servers, projects and users who usually don’t know what they need, but nonetheless need it now goddammit! He gets along fine, with the careful application of patience, duct tape, a swish-army knife and by ♫ ♫ always looking at the bright side of life ♪ ♪.

Since he puts up with complex systems and issues all the time at work, he likes to keep things clean and simple when dealing with his own machines. So, at home he mostly uses his iPad and Mac Mini, while a Raspberry Pi handles the heavy lifting (network security, file & media storage & playback, automated downloads, etc).

He writes about technology, his family and their cats, about life, the universe and everything, in his blog, “zupergeorge“.

Since 2020, he picked up a hobby from his youth: Scale modelling. He documents the scale models that he builds in “Studio 1/48”.

He comments about everything and anything on Twitter Mastodon and checks out his friends’ activity on Facebook.

Eventually, he replies to most of the emails he gets at george @