I’m George

I usually spend my day juggling with networks, servers, projects and users who usually don’t know what they need, but nonetheless need it now goddammit! I get along fine, with the careful application of patience, duct tape, a swish-army knife and by ♫ ♫ always looking at the bright side of life ♪ ♪.

Since I put up with complex systems and issues all the time at work, I like to keep things clean and simple when dealing with my own machines. So, at home I mostly use my iPad and iPhone (while a Mac Mini handles the necessary heavy lifting).

I write about technology, my family and our cats, about life, the universe and everything, here, in interesting times.

I comment about everything and anything on Twitter, check out my friends’ activity on Facebook and post my favourite photos on Instagram.

Eventually, I reply to most of the emails I get at george @ adamopoulos . net.

Ask me anything