December Magic

About a month ago, I came across a great article on Medium. In it, Refe Tuma tells us how he and his wife dedicate November (or, as they call it, Dinovember) to making their kids believe that their toy-dinosaurs come to life every night and play around the house. They do it in order to promote their kids’ imagination and creativity.

It got me thinking and made me want to try something similar. There were two issues, though: it was too late for November and our daughter isn’t big on dinosaurs. However, Christmas was conveniently around the corner and she likes to play a lot with Playmobil figures.

So, I created for her, “December Magic”: every night on December, the Playmobil figures come to life thanks to “Christmas magic” and play around the house!

So far it has been a great success. She gets up every morning in a hurry, runs to see the latest Playmobil mischief and enjoys it very much – with exception to the day when they tried to steal her lollipops!

To be honest, I think we enjoy it even more than her, both every night setting them up and every morning watching her reactions!

(photos of the project on Flickr)