Do-It-Yourself: Cappuccino Freddo #2

Almost 6 years ago, I posted a guide on how to easily make “cappuccino freddo” coffee at home and according to my web stats, it’s still a very popular post. Since then however, I have simplified and improved my technique and I think it’s time to refresh the guide. So here it is:


  • An espresso maker. Any kind of electric espresso maker or even a Moka pot will do, as long as you are pleased with the resulting taste and aroma. I sometimes just use my Aeropress.
  • An electric juice or coffee mixer. If you don’t have one, a fruit or food blender will do. The main key here is power. The stronger the motor, the better the cream it will make out of milk.


  1. Prepare a hot cup of espresso coffee. I prefer to use a double dose as the ice will dilute it.
  2. Put some ice in the mixer bowl. If you like, add some sugar. Don’t use crushed ice. At this point we just want to quickly freeze the coffee, not dilute it with molten ice.
  3. Pour the hot coffee into the mixer bowl and mix, but only for a few seconds, just so that the sugar is completely diluted.
  4. Pour the iced coffee into a glass and add some more ice. If you can, use crushed ice now, for better effect. If you don’t have any, ice-cubes will do just fine.
    At this point you have a nice glass of Espresso Freddo Coffee. If that’s what you want, you can stop here.
  5. Rinse the mixer bowl and add some cold milk and a little ice. I recommend U.H.T. milk as I have noticed that it gives the best results.
  6. Mix for a couple of minutes, until you have a nice thick cream. You did remember to get a powerfull mixer, right?
  7. Pour the cream over your Espresso Freddo. You can sprinkle some ground cinnamon or chocolate on top if you like.

That’s it, you now have a nice cold glass of Cappuccino Freddo Coffee. Enjoy!

Slideshow: How-to: Cappuccino Freddo (rev. 2) on Flickr