Workflow: a custom RSS feed for selected greek subtitles

Until recently, I used to visit four different sites, a couple of times each day, to check if a subtitle for one of my favourite shows had been published. And then it hit me: why don’t I try to remove some friction from this process?

So what I came up with was to use Yahoo! Pipes and create one that takes as an input the RSS feeds of four different subtitle sites, filters them to keep the greek versions of my favourite tv shows, and then merges them to a single RSS feed.

You can check it out yourself and modify it to your needs by visiting this URL: Yahoo! Pipes: Subtitle Feeds (ELL)

The logic behind it is not very complicated and you can probably figure it out yourself. Here’s a run-down though:

  • Get and combine the source RSS feeds:
    • Get the RSS feeds from and
    • Get the RSS feed from and keep only the items containing “Greek“.
    • Get the RSS feed from and exclude the items containing ““, ““, “addic7ed” and “English“.
  • Filter the results to only keep the items containing the titles of my favourite shows (each filter can contain up to 10 conditions, so I had to use several different filters).
  • Combine the results to a single RSS Feed.

Yahoo! Pipe: Subtitle Feeds (ELL)

Now, if I could figure out an easy way to automatically download the subtitles contained in this feed, things would be even better. Any ideas?