Let’s talk about coffee

Aeropress Coffee Maker The Aeropress coffee maker is unique. It is made by a company that makes a dozen different models of… frisbees and a single coffee maker. Who would have thought it!

Overall, brewing coffee with it is a very easy process. Essentially it combines the virtues of both the espresso and drip-filter coffee making techniques, just without their problems.

Of course, being easy hasn’t stopped coffee-geeks and aficionados from developing a lot of different recipes that require precise amounts of coffee and water and accurate timing.

Aeropress Timer App I just came across Aeropress Timer, an iOS app that makes brewing a perfect cup even easier. It contains detailed instructions for nine of the best recipes for brewing coffee with Aeropress and even includes a built-in timer for each method.

For instance, right now I’m drinking a delicious (although a bit strong) cup I brew using the Charger Recipe.

If you like coffee1, give a chance to the Aeropress coffee maker (around 30 euros on Amazon) and the Aeropress Timer app (1,79 euro on the iOS App Store).


  1. Obviously not the kind of “coffee” with a name ending in -chino and containing lot’s of flavoury(?) ingredients.